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Business & Technology Center – Office Space Rental in Champaign & Urbana, IL Business transaction

Phone Answering

1-line phone answering and one voice mail box. $85.00 per month.

Additional phone lines are $45.00 per month.


Database Management and Dictation

Pricing varies.


Computer Consulting

Pricing varies.


McLeod USA

Special pricing for local and long distance services through McLeod USA is available.  Your phone bill is included in your monthly statement from BTC Services.

Optional Services

Call us to discuss pricing.


Phone System Pricing

Item Description

Pricing Per Line

(Per Month)

Basic line charge/month including taxes (Includes intercom to front desk at N/C)

Local metered service charge per minute – staying

the same



Item Description

Intrastate / Intralata




Additional Services

You may select from the individual items if you wish. Pricing is listed to the right of each line item. You may also select the Basic package or the Executive package listed in bold with the pricing for the combination of services in the description column. Note that if you subscribe to our phone answering service, voice mail is included with your phone bundle.

Basic Package (Next three items as package – $7.00/month/per each ext.)

Busy line transfer to voicemail

Record calls directly to your voicemail box



Caller I.D., name and number, with 100 number log


Executive Package (Includes the following ($12.00/month/account)

Off-site forwarding (Call forwarding)

Call detail on inbound and outbound calls (Outbound included for LD and Local)



Off-site transfer of incoming calls


6-Party conference calling

Access to front desk paging system (Intercom to front Included w/$85 Bundle)



Voice mail (Included with $85.00 phone bundle – See Ted or Chuck w/?’s)


Custom “Music on Hold”

Source ($100.00 initial setup – Client to provide own hardware and their own message or music source. Premier Technologies sells the SM 1000 Digital Smart Media Card player for around $400.00. Once you get that piece, you can create your own on-hold messages as the need arises)


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